Mite Infestation Problems and Solutions

Mite Infestation Problems

Before we can deal with the mite infestation that you may have we have to figure out what kind of mite you have. Mites are perhaps among the most diverse of all  invertebrate groups and they also inhabit large areas because of their small size, almost microscopic. Most of the time we don’t even realize they are around, they hide in the soil or water that they live freely in. There is a large number of species that live as parasites infecting plants, animals and, yes even, humans.

The most well-known of all the mite would be the dust mite, the common household dust mite. Yes, even your house has dust mites. That does not mean that you have a mite infestation however. It just means you have mites. I’m sure you’ve heard of what’s called the spider mite that infest plants. These are usually little black dots about the size of a period that can be found on the underside of the leaves. Often times the leaves will be yellow with dark little burn spots on the top. You can read more about plant mites here. One of the species that attack animals is the Sarcoptic mange mite. The little buggers Burrow under the skin as they attack the animals. The parasitic little mite that lives in or near the hair follicles of mammals, including humans, is called the Demodex mite.

Bedbugs are not mites, however we will deal with the little bloodsucking insects on another page of this site. Fleas, bedbugs and lice are insects whereas ticks and mites belong to another group of arthropods, the Acarina. It is interesting that bedbugs, head lice and crab lice do not carry disease but if you are like me that biting can be a serious nuisance and I would just as soon get rid of those buggers. Disease can be carried by body lice, certain fleas, ticks and biting mites and we will look at some of those in other areas.

Mite infestations can be a bugger to get rid of. It is our hope that you will find some answers to the infestation of mites than you might have. Regardless if that is a spider mite, dust mite, or those little parasitic mites that bother animals and humans there is an answer for the infestation. At the same time we will deal with bedbugs and fleas on other pages of the blog. We hope you have a good, nice, mite infestation free day.

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